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Fall Raffle

Fall Raffle

DYHA Fall raffle tickets will be made available by your team managers.  Every family will receive 5 tickets worth $10 each.  


Fees for this raffle are included in your player fees and all proceeds from this fundraiser will benefit the DYHA Scholarship Fund.  


Families - you may choose to sell your 5 tickets for $10 each and keep the money to offset your player fees OR you may simply add your name to the ticket stubs and enter them in the drawing for a chance to win one of four monetary prizes.  (You may also choose to donate any money obtained from tickets you sell back to your team account.)  


Please see your team manager following the Puck Drop Picnic to get your tickets and please turn in any ticket stubs to the secure drop box in the DYHA office before 6pm on October 2nd to be eligible for the drawing.