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Jr Sun Devil Way

Home of the Jr Sun Devils

Welcome to the home of the Jr. Sun Devils Elite Hockey Program. The JSD Elite Hockey Program's goal is not just to provide the best Player Development Program in the State of AZ, but to Provide the best Player Development Program in the Country!  We understand that that is a lofty goal but we will never stop working, learning, & trying to better our Program for the benefit of our Athletes and our families.

Our Player Development & Training Mission

Our Mission is to provide the best player development program in the valley through tradition and innovation. Create a rewarding hockey experience for players, families, and community volunteers through a positive environment and leadership. Continually evolve our hockey program to be the premier Tier I and Elite Youth Hockey program that the valley has to offer. Strive to develop our coaches and volunteer staff to carry out the expressed goals of our Members and the Hockey Community.

Core Values

Work Ethic & Player Performance
"Train Hard, Train with Intent and Purpose, Play Hard, and Play your Best"

Respect & Sportsmanship
"Respect yourself, Respect Others, Respect our Community, Respect the Game"

Training Quality
"On and Off-Ice Professional Instruction, Coach and Player Development"
"Utilize the Best Training Resources available for today's players and game"
"Maximize player engagement in game play situations and to train with a purpose"
"Building on Success, Training for Positive Behavior and Results"


(Our Training Roadmap)

4 Ice Sessions per week

Education, Education, Education
Ice Hockey is the ultimate Team Game, and while Skating, Shooting, and Stick Handling are required Skills. There are many other aspects of the game to learn to become a complete Hockey Player.

Skill/Small Area Game Training

Dedicated Goalie Development Training Program

Power Edge Pro (PEP) Training
1 Full Ice, dedicated PEP Session per week for each Jr Sun Devil Elite Team!

Source Performance Off-Ice Training
Junior Hockey/Collegiate level semi-private off-ice training (balance, hypertrophy, strength, power and speed development)

How We Train

Every Jr Sun Devil team this season will have 4 Ice Touches per week, with one of them being a dedicated, full Ice, Power Edge Pro (PEP) Session. This allows each athlete to continue to focus on their individual skill development.  By integrating PEP, this helps to train players to read and react in a more confined space while continuing to move their hands, feet, and head on a swivel simultaneously to provide a more game-like situation. 

PEP also provides the opportunity and training for Skaters to enhance their edge work and Power Skating skills.  The Weekly PEP sessions will help our athletes focus on balance and off-balance edge recovery, power, and stride efficiency. In today's game, it is becoming more important that edge-work becomes 2nd nature base on the speed and the confined tight spaces that athletes are expected to maneuver around in to make great hockey plays.

Goalies will train throughout the season with the Director of Goalie instruction (Peter Budaj). Technique, speed, position, and recovery is key in all aspects of hockey for every athlete, however, more so with goalies being the last line of defense. Dedicated goalie training  provides the necessary goalie training required, much like players, to help develop and refine their individual skills throughout the season.

Every athlete will also undergo Off-Ice training for both preventative and strength and condition measures. DYHA is proud to be partnered with Source Performance for trainers to work with Jr. Sun Devil athletes to assist with their off-ice training and nutritional needs to compete at a high-level.

Athletes of ages 12 and Under will be provided online resources and regular checkups with Source Performance trainers in support of their off-ice conditioning and preventative injury training curriculum.

In order to provide a complete training program, Hockey education will play a major role through our extensive Video Review/Analysis Tools.


Video Review & Analysis with Hudl

Hockey education is key in growing the athlete's knowledge about the game and becoming a complete Hockey player.   This is why video review and analysis will be used as another training medium as part of Jr Sun Devil's training culture.  Athletes will have the opportunity to access a game, practice, or situation videos made available by their respective coaches to continually grow their hockey knowledge or hockey sense.  Video review and analysis may take place individually or in a group session led by their respective coach. In addition, players may also opt to utilize a video made available by their coach to build their hockey career profile for recruiting purposes.

Video reviews will help to breakdown the aspects of the game of hockey to further educate, explore, or help re-define how the game may be played in a faster and more agile environment.  Understanding and knowing where to be when you don't have the puck in an ever-changing dynamic environment is key to increasing the team's chance to maintain puck possession or to take over the puck from another team during a forecheck situation.  DYHA is taking every opportunity where possible to focus on an athlete's hockey education which will lead to success as an individual and as a team.

Check out what Hudl can do.  Click Here

Skills & Game Play

Building on individual skills is important in any development program at every level breaking it down to basics.  Skils & Small Area game sessions are provided to allow athletes to build and continue to work on refining their individual skills.

Area of Focus:

  • Passing
  • Shooting
  • Skating
  • Stick-handling
  • Game application (game-play concept in a tight space while skating, passing, and shooting in a given game-like scenario)

Both traditional and Power Edge Pro or combined methods are used during the dedicated skill session lead by Jr Sun Devils Elite Coaching Staff.

Power Skating

Power skating instructions are provided to focus on proper skating techniques and knowledge of body awareness and will improve the athlete's skating so that they become a more effective skater, thus a better hockey player. 

Power skating session will focus or emphasis but not limited to the following skating/edgework categories:

  • Balance, Agility, Quickness
  • Edgework/Techniques
    • Inside/Outside edge forward and backward
    • Turns/tight turns
    • Starts and stops
    • Explosive acceleration
    • Power/Stride Efficiency
    • Lateral mobility
    • Cross overs
    • Off-balance Recovery

Power Edge Pro (PEP)

Power Edge Pro

"The foundation of the PEP skillset,  Reactive Countering Training™ forces players to develop evasive skating techniques, increased reaction time, and respond faster to create more opportunities." -

Power Edge Pro is a one of a kind training system with proven results with national and international professional partnerships across the various league.  PEP training has led to proven results.

  • OHL Draft-52 players including 1st overall, 2nd, 4th, 6th
  • WHL Draft-30 players including 1st overall, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th.
  • NHL Draft-42% of the 1st Round drafted (3 yrs. consecutively)

Power Edge Pro is the On-Ice Development Partner for the OHL and USNTDP.

To add, NHL teams such as Nashville Predators, Detroit Red Wings, Columbus Blue Jackets, Minnesota Wild, Vancouver Canucks are also the Official Development partners.

Joe Quinn consults with all of their Directors of Development with PEP training and has personally trained 100 NHL players with a shortlist below.

  • Shane Wright ( who just got Exceptional Status as a 15-year-old breaking Connor McDavids Records in the OHL)
  • Connor McDavid since 10 yrs old and still all summer
  • John Tavares
  • Jack Hughes and Quinn Hughes
  • Taylor Hall
  • Matt Duchene

By linking with PEP, the performance-proven reactive countering training used for player development, DYHA has the ultimate Tier I program. " - CEO Joe Quinn Power Edge Pro.

Learn even more about PEP here:

Goalie Development Program

The goaltending program at DYHA is currently being constructed through our new Director Of Goaltending, Peter Budaj. The Jr Sun Devils Elite Hockey Program is super excited about having someone of Peter's Caliber join our team and we will be updating this section of our site in the coming weeks as Peter settles in.


Off-Ice Training

Source Performance

Source Performance offers a strength and conditioning program that is built upon both the needs of athletes now and prepare for the future demands of the sport. Source Performance analyzes each athlete’s body composition, mobility, and strength before beginning any training. Based on this information, they can individualize nutrition, supplementation, and recovery protocols and create a map for the development of a youth’s off-season and in-season training. By splitting each team into semi-private group training sessions of 4-5 athletes, trainers at Source Performance can more precisely tailor the workouts to the team. Additionally, the trainers will provide at-home workouts and coordinate with the DYHA coaches so that the training system is uniform across the board. This type of comprehensive effort is the type of training that youth athletes deserve.

Learn more about Source Performance here: